New Builds and Commercial

New Builds and Commercial

Windows and doors are complex elements in the fabric of your home. They let in light and fresh air and offer views that connect interior living spaces with the outdoors. However, windows and doors can be a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter.

It is not uncommon for homes and buildings to be built with little consideration given to the windows and doors. Kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and blinds tend to be a priority when in fact, windows and doors should be at the top of the list.

Windows can have a huge impact on the heating and cooling loads of your new home. Up to 40% of a homes heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heating gained through windows. Improving windows thermal performance by installing Heatseal double glazed windows and doors reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. They will also enhance security and reduce unwanted noise from traffic and neighbours.

There are many things to consider when choosing windows for your new home

  • Climatic conditions in your location
  • Orientation of your building
  • Thermal properties of the frame and glazing systems used in your windows
  • The size of the windows and shade provided by trees and awnings

These can indeed be difficult choices to make for the average homeowner, but with the help of the highly experienced Heatseal team we aim to provide you with the best possible products based on your requirements.

We also understand that timing, co-operation and consultation are key factors in ensuring the project runs as smoothly as possibly. Our project manager will be assigned to your installation creating a working relationship in which all facets from manufacture to installation are dealt with in the most professional manner.

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