Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

“Having benefited from Heatseal’s cavity wall insulation at our previous property, it was the first item on our to-do list when we moved house a couple of months ago. We have not been disappointed – the installation was straightforward (David is great!) and within a week our house was feeling much warmer. The insulation has saved us a fortune in heating and cooling costs over the years, as well as helping reduce noise pollution into the house – it’s a great investment.”
Mr and Mrs Jenner

Want to save energy and keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round?

is a cost effective insulator for every household. Made from environmentally friendly volcanic rock, it provides excellent fire-safe thermal and acoustic insulation for new and existing homes. ROCKWOOL® is the natural choice for energy conservation, making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • makes your home cosy
  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Fire Resistant!

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Did you know…

Your house loses and gains 30-50% of its heat through it’s walls – even when the ceiling is adequately insulated.

ROCKWOOL® reduces this effect by retaining up to 85% of warmth and coolness in your home, and is a sustainable way to reduce energy costs.

Installed by trained technicians, ROCKWOOL® gives you total peace of mind.

ROCKWOOL ®– The ‘4 in 1’ solution

  • Fire Resistance
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Durability
  • Sustainability