Getting the Most Out Of Your Windows

Getting the Most Out Of Your Windows

You can’t have a house without WINDOWS, and whilst they may seem like one of the easier items to choose when designing or renovating your home, selecting the right type of windows is important, especially when it comes to thermal regulation. Windows severely impact how hot and cold your home feels in extreme temperatures, with up to 40% of a home’s heating energy being lost and up to 87% of heat let in through windows.

Some aspects to consider when choosing your glazing method include:

  • Local Climate
  • Building design and materials
  • Size and location

Local Climate

Where you live will determine what materials you choose when you build or renovate your home. Extreme temperatures such as snow in winter and blazing heat in summer need to be considered when choosing windows, as the cold and heat from these weather conditions come directly into your home through your windows. Choosing double glazed windows not only provides thermal regulation from these extremes but also protects from wind and humidity if these are factors in your local area.

Building Design and Materials

The layout, form and orientation of your building will all affect your window choices as the position and heat from the sun will need to be considered. Nobody wants a roasting bedroom or the glare from the setting sun coming through to the kitchen. The heat impact can be reduced by selecting double glazed windows however this light/glare factor still needs to be considered.

The materials you use in your home, such as wall construction and roof/wall insulation will also impact the thermal regulation of your home. Attempt to compliment your windows and house materials to get the best thermal regulation benefits.

Size and Location

The size of your home will be a factor, as small homes heat up quickly and, dependant on the type of insulation and windows chosen, can take a long time to cool down. Large homes are quite the opposite, with more heating methods required and often being quite cool. Lots of windows in either size home can be a lovely addition, however double glazed is always the best option as they are environmentally friendly and manufactured for thermal advantages.

Who Can Help Me Get the Most Out Of My Windows?

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