Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. Windows and doors are the weak points in your home. Here priority should be given to security.

But how can windows provide security?
Above all – they should not be an open invitation to burglars.
Most burglars try to lever the sash out of its frame with screwdrivers and wedges. In most cases burglars take the opportunity to try and break in without using conspicuous tools, in other words quickly, without being noticed.

Without specialist security hardware this window can be simply leverd out with a screwdriver or even a small wooden wedge. When this happens the locking head on the sash is lifted out of its anchor in the frame, as soon as the locking head is lifted out – the window is open.

When choosing new windows you should make sure that they close these security gaps, there are various resistance classes, these classes are relevant for different types of use such as private and commercial sectors, this prevents burglars from gaining entry to buildings using only screwdrivers, wedges or brute force.

Heatseals windows are designed to withstand bodily force to a defined testing time of 15 minutes so that they cannot offer a permanent opening. This corresponds to the so called resistance class 2.

Unlike the previous example this window features hardware that prevents levering. The anchor in the frame take a locking head that is shaped like a mushroom and therefore is impervious to a burglars lever.

Resistance class 2 is adequate because offenders will very soon give up before they attract attention. Professional criminals are quick to spot windows and doors with special security fittings and will avoid these from the outset.

The UPVC profile also retains its form, the advantage of heatseals windows is in their elasticity. When a burglar removes his tools, the windows return to their original shape, this is different with wood which splinters or aluminium which deforms. Burglar resistant heatseal windows can prove their effectiveness only when they have been installed properly in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

Heatseals windows are suitable for offices, provate properties and commercial buildings. The police recommend a resistance class of 2.

Composite security glass exhibits a resistance to breakage many times higher than normal glazing. Hat is important here though is that the entire structure consisting of the frame hardware and glazing does not offer any weak points.

Your best option is to ask advice from Heatseal’s team of specialists, then your windows will be so secure that if you have forgotten your key, you will have to stay outside