Heatseal Windows supply double glazing in the form of windows and doors to the whole of Western Australia. We are based in Bunbury and serve Perth and the rest of Western Australia in its entirety.

We believe sustainability is an essential part of any business culture, but especially important when any kind of manufacturing is happening. At Heatseal its one of the key factors for us that our products are 100% recyclable. This video explains how important this is to us as a business and gives you an insight into how our manufacturing process is one of the most environmentally responsible in the world.

Here is the transcript from the video.

Sustainability means accepting economic ecological and social responsibility

Sustainability – means not wasting energy
Looking into the future

Providing future generations with a life of health
Sustainability means a clean environment

Heatseal UPVC windows (Perth) with their energy saving properties boast an outstanding life cycle assessment from their production to their final end of life recycling

Sustainability starts with production, this is the factory that manufactures Heatseal’s premium quality replacement window and door products.

The raw material used in Heatseal’s products makes use of a lead free stabiliser based on eco friendly calcium and Zinc. Our factory has been using this stabiliser for over 10 years.

One key ecological and economical advantage to Heatseal’s UpVC products is their excellent recylclability

Our windows can be fully recycled. This means that all of the raw materials they contain can be used again. A fundamental requirement for genuine sustainability.

Heatseal are playing their own part in an industry wide drive to recycle 100 thousand tonnes of UPVC product across the world by 2020. Meeting this objective would mean that we are part of a closed material cycle.

Ultra modern plant produces UPVC profiles with cores containing 50% recycled material – this recycled product used is completely identical to the virgin material that originally used
Economic and ecological sustainability go hand in hand – because energy saving and windows belong together.

As the thinnest barriers in the home, windows play an essential part in ensuring essential heat is either kept out or kept inside the home when required. By replacing your older windows you can save your cooling or heating costs by a significant amount.

Lets take a look at this picture taken with a thermal imaging camera. The red areas show that older windows do not operate in an efficient way when dealing with heat.

This image however demonstrates how new heatseal windows can affect the efficiency of your home.

We are proud of the fact that our manufacturing process is reducing the c02 emmissions into the atmosphere by 850,000 tonnes. This is equivalent to the amount absorbed by a forest a day equivalent to the size of 90,000 football fields.

These windows are part of the drive to cut the usuage of fuel oil by 300 million litres. Enough to heat 200 thousand single family homes.

UPVC windows are true all round talents with many diverse applications. Not only their sustainability but also their antibacterial and anti fungal properties make them an ideal choice for not just the domestic market but the medical, childcare and elderly homes markets.

Opting for Heatseal’s upvc windows not only promotes sustainability – it also paves the way into the future – Heatseal’s UPVC windows – promoting sustainability across Western Australia.