What Kind Of Door Should I Choose?

What Kind Of Door Should I Choose?

You know your home needs doors, but when it comes to choosing the right style and size for the opening, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. With passing fads comes developments in functionality and revamping of old favourites but bottom line is, you want quality doors offering thermal efficiency and ventilation, security and a stylish look that won’t date.

So what can you expect to choose from?

  • Front Doors
  • Back Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Security and Flyscreen Doors

Front Doors

Whether it be a solid fire-engine red or a glass panelled timber frame, the front door is one of the focal points of the ‘face’ of your house. Choosing the right style of door to suit the façade of your home is vital to ensure it only stands out for the right reasons. The range of Heatseal UPVC front doors can not only provide a suitable choice for your front opening, but can also include security devices to ensure you feel safe inside your home.

Back Doors

Arguably not as noticed as the front door, the back door needs to be functional, secure and suit the exterior of the home. Your back door needs to be able to withstand frequent wear and tear from pets, children, weather and outdoor elements as they are generally less protected than other doors.

Sliding Doors

A popular choice for not only the exits of the home, sliding doors can greatly improve aesthetics whilst being highly functional, solid, secure and great value. Replacement sliding doors can be a cost -effective way to rejuvenate tired sliders and older, large door openings. They are also great for smaller outdoor spaces as they do not open inwards or outwards, thus eliminating the need for free space to allow for the door.

Flyscreen and Security Doors

The ultimate in security whilst keeping bugs and vermin out, the flyscreen and security door is a highly popular option for both doors and windows in most Australian homes. Take advantage of a summer breeze without the flies with flyscreens on your back and front door and allow the air to flow through. Combine your flyscreen with security measures and you’ll be safe and secure.

What Kind Of Door Should I Choose?

You can’t have a home without doors, so why not choose the very best quality from the affordable range at Heatseal? Based on popular European functionality, Heatseal windows and doors have been specifically manufactured for the Australian climate and priced to allow you to choose easily.

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