Why Should I Choose Double Glazed Windows?

Why Should I Choose Double Glazed Windows?

Windows are so important when designing or renovating your home. They connect the inside with the outside and offer style and security, but they can also provide energy efficiency and functionality. Double glazed windows carry many benefits, as well as being an attractive addition to your home. Originating from England and also known as insulating glass, double glazed windows consist of 2 or 3 window panes separated by a vacuum filled space to reduce heat loss.

Why Should I Choose Double Glazed Windows?

The top reasons to choose double glazed windows in your home include:

  • Reduced heat loss and gain
  • Energy efficiency
  • Make Your Home Quieter
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Condensation Free
  • Reduced Heat Loss and Heat Gain

Double glazed windows work in the same way as insulation in your roof and walls with the space between the two panes of glass stopping heat from being released. The area between the glass is so small and the trapped air, which is already a poor heat conductor, cannot circulate. In winter, this results in your warm air being trapped inside the home and preventing stinging heat from penetrating your cool rooms in summer.

Energy Efficiency

Good quality double glazing reduces heat loss, keeps the home warmer or cooler and reduces your heating and cooling bills. The initial cost to install double glazed windows is significantly offset by the potential savings made by the reduced energy required. Double glazing can also negate the requirement for heavy-duty curtains that would previously be used to attempt to keep the heat and cool inside.

Environmentally Friendly

The decreased carbon emissions resulting from reduced energy expenditure in heating and cooling your home mean that double glazing contributes significantly to the conservation of valuable resources.

Make Your Home Quieter

Are you a shift worker with noisy neighbours? Or do you live on a busy street? Block out the noise with double glazed windows without compromising on your view. The thicker, laminated glass and the gap between the two panes provide acoustic insulation, all while still looking functional and stylish.

Condensation Free

Water drips, condensation and resulting mould and mildew come with single pane windows and can make your family very unwell and are a pain to clean without harsh chemicals. Double glazing reduces thermal conductivity, making your windows dry and warm. This means there is no cold surface for the moist air to form condensation.

Why Should I Choose Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows can be a sound investment for your home and the comfort of your family. As with all quality products, adding double glazed windows to your property may increase its value and street appeal as well as reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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